Delta Dental of Illinois Foundation Seeking Applications for $100,000 Wisdom Tooth Award

Organizations looking to impact children’s oral health in Illinois encouraged to apply by May 26  Delta Dental of Illinois Foundation, the 501(c)(3) charitable arm of Delta Dental of Illinois, is now accepting applications for its annual Wisdom Tooth Award. The $100,000 grant will support a nonprofit organization that works to improve the oral health of… More »

Zucchini-Oatmeal Cookies

Ingredients: ½ cup butter ¾ cup Stevia or other sugar substitute 1 egg ½ teaspoon vanilla extract 1 ½ cups grated zucchini 1 ½ cups all-purpose flour ½ teaspoon baking soda 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1 cup quick cooking oats 1 cup granola 1 cup semisweet chocolate chips Directions: Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In… More »

How to Handle Dental Treatment Billing Questions

Have a question about a dental claim? Login to your group member or individual member account on Delta Dental of Illinois’ website to find information about recent claims and any claims filed within the past 18 months. If you don’t have an account, you can register for one. If you are unable to locate your… More »

Can a Vegetarian Diet Affect Your Oral Health?

Whether for health or ethical reasons, many people opt to be vegetarian or vegan. However, meat is a good source of many essential vitamins and minerals. Without them, vegetarians may have a higher risk for oral health problems, including gum disease. Luckily, there are other ways to get those nutrients to ensure that your smile… More »

Illinois Kids Rake in More than $10 million for Lost Teeth Last Year

Delta Dental survey shows average Tooth Fairy gift tracked with S&P 500 An unlikely but accurate economic indicator, Tooth Fairy payouts are soaring with the going rate for a lost baby tooth in the Midwest increasing from $3.11 in 2015 to $4.04 in 2016. According to the Original Tooth Fairy Poll, sponsored by Delta Dental,… More »

The Difference Between Annual Maximum and Deductible

Annual maximums and deductibles are common in many health plans, including dental plans. An annual maximum is the maximum dollar amount a dental benefit plan will pay toward the cost of dental care within a specific period, usually a calendar year. If your plan’s annual maximum is $1,000, your carrier will pay its portion of… More »

Love Your Smile: Practice Preventive Care

Show your smile some love by giving it what it really needs: preventive dental care. Regular preventive care can help you avoid costly and serious dental problems and keep your smile healthy. Of course, it’s important to maintain a daily routine of brushing twice daily and flossing once a day. But here are some other… More »

Are Oral Health Issues Genetic?

Your father gave you more than just your eye color and your sense of humor. There’s a chance he also gave you an increased risk for periodontal disease. Just like other traits, you can inherit oral health issues from your family. That’s why it’s important to know your family’s medical history, including these oral health… More »

National Children’s Dental Health Month

Dental health is one of the most critical, unmet health care issues facing Illinois children today. Good oral health care is imperative for children, but many caregivers don’t realize how important it is to establish an oral health routine at an early age. I’ve seen first-hand how poor oral health can negatively affect children, and… More »

Survey Finds Illinoisans Would Like to See the Dentist More Often

Delta Dental of Illinois encourages making dental visits a priority in 2017 Dentists lead the pack of health practitioners Illinois adults want to see more often, according to a survey out today from Delta Dental of Illinois.1 The dental benefits carrier is encouraging Illinoisans to make visiting the dentist a priority to improve their oral… More »