Tooth “Tattoos” May Help Detect Disease

Just when you thought you’d seen every type of tattoo out there, a new version is on the horizon. This one, however, could help prevent pain instead of causing it.

Dental Emergencies Don’t Take Vacations

Vacations are supposed to be about relaxing, not panicking, but dental emergencies can crop up anywhere. These setbacks don’t discriminate between office cubicles or sandy beaches. Here are 3 of the most common emergencies and what to do until you can get to a dentist. Toothache. First, brush and floss gently, then rinse with warm… More »

Free Dentist by 1 Event

Children in Illinois don’t see their family dentist on average until they are 3½ years old. A staggering 97% of parents were unaware that it’s recommended that a child should go to the dentist by age 1 or within six months after the first tooth comes in according to a 2012 American Academy of Pediatric… More »

Oral and Overall Health

If your eyes are the windows to your soul, then your mouth is definitely the window to your health. Since our body functions as one system, it is no wonder how we take care of our mouth has an impact on the rest of our bodies. This infographic highlights just a few ways your mouth… More »

Be Safe Boating

Are you one of the lucky people who will boat on Lake Michigan this 4th of July weekend? Lake Michigan is the third largest lake of the Great Lakes and touches four states – Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin. No matter what part of the lake you’re enjoying, take time to be safe this summer…. More »

Summer Snacks: Give Your Kids Healthy Choices

Summer is in full swing bringing warmer weather, more free time and frequently, summertime snacking. If you want to keep your family’s teeth healthy, keep track of what and how often you eat. Bacteria in the mouth changes sugars from food your family eats into acids. These acids attack teeth enamel and can lead to… More »

Riverbend: Early Head Start Program Provides Support to Children in Need

Two-year-old George didn’t waste any time with his awesome new toothbrush. He popped it into his mouth as soon as his Case Manager Amber produced it! She was delivering a Dentist By 1 kit donated by the Delta Dental of Illinois Foundation to Riverbend Head Start & Family Services, a nonprofit health and human services… More »

Soft Teeth Myth Dispelled

I’m sure you’ve heard of the “soft teeth” myth. People all around the world have blamed their cavities on a genetic disposition of weak teeth. The idea is that you can’t control the number of cavities you have because your mom and dad and countless relatives have teeth prone to destruction. This is a MYTH…. More »

Brush Your Bambino’s Biters

Nothing can warm your heart like that gap-toothed grin on your little kiddo. But when you go to brush their teeth, it can be a different story. Smiles could turn to cries and frowns. And many parents decide not to fight the nightly battle, thinking baby teeth don’t last anyway. Just wait a couple years… More »

Keeping Kids’ Teeth Cavity Free

June is National Smile Month, and an important time to brush up on how to keep kids’ smiles shining bright. While most parents know that brushing and flossing play an important role, it’s what they don’t know that could jeopardize their children’s oral health. According to the 2013 Delta Dental of Illinois Children’s Oral Health… More »