It’s Spring Break – 6 Ways to Care for Your Teeth on Vacation

It’s Spring Break – a time for families to pack up their suitcases and spend a nice long week together. Everyone wants to avoid the dull and dreary routine of everyday life when they’re on vacation. But that doesn’t mean you can slack off regular brushing and flossing. Good dental habits ward off plaque, a… More »

The Affordable Care Act & Delta Dental of Illinois

With the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Affordable Care Act last June, it’s clear how consumers access health benefits will change drastically. What isn’t changing is Delta Dental of Illinois’ commitment to its mission of improving the oral health of people of Illinois. We will continue to pursue this mission by providing affordable benefit plans… More »

St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations Can Harm Your Teeth

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner and you might soon be tempted to imbibe in a pint of green beer. Before you take your first swig, keep in mind the trouble you might cause in your mouth. Tooth decay is a big problem related to alcohol consumption because of the sugars and acids… More »

Delta Dental Effective Discount

Delta Dental’s Effective Discounts Lead the Industry ”Size of Delta Dental’s Network Results in Nation’s Best Effective Discount” Recent data from NetMinder reaffirms that Delta Dental has the largest network of dentists in the nation, just as it has since 1954. The Delta Dental Premier® network features 80 percent of dentists nationwide.

Delta Dental of Illinois Foundation

The Delta Dental of Illinois Foundation is committed to improving children’s oral health in the state. Here are a few ways the Foundation helps. Land of Smiles Throughout the month, thousands of pre-k through third-grade students in Illinois elementary schools will enjoy “Land of Smiles,” an educational oral health program that teaches proper brushing and… More »

Germs & Your Toothbrush

We have been told time and time again that washing our hands is the key to keeping germs at bay, but have you ever given much thought to the germs that make it into your mouth? Most people catch a cold or the flu when they put their bacteria-covered hands in their mouths. Your mouth… More »

Happy Tooth Fairy Day!

How much are kids getting for lost baby teeth these days? The average gift from the Tooth Fairy was $2.42 last year, up 32 cents from $2.10 in 2011, according to The Original Tooth Fairy Poll® sponsored by Delta Dental. The most common amount left under the pillow was $1 (51 %).

Performance and Pain

I don’t know about you, but when I am in a meeting with a throbbing headache, it is hard to stay focused and alert. The pain blurs the information and I tend to bounce in and out of the meeting without ever actually grasping the message. For children, the distraction from tooth pain is the… More »

Brush, Brush, Brush Your Teeth

Some kids fight it, other kids love it, but all kids need to do it! I am talking about brushing and flossing daily. According to the 2013 Delta Dental Children’s Oral Health Survey, 30% of Illinois children brush for less than two minutes and only 19% floss daily. If brushing in your house doesn’t go… More »

Delta Dental of Illinois Individual Plans

At Delta Dental of Illinois, we are passionate about oral health and its importance to generations of families. We also know that many Illinoisans don’t have access to dental insurance. That’s why we created dental plans for individuals, couples, children and families who are without dental coverage, or don’t have a dental plan that’s right… More »