Pregnancy Pointers

Few things hold greater value than the birth of a healthy baby. Most pregnant women recognize how important their health is for their baby’s health, but may ignore a critical component – their oral health.   It’s common knowledge that when a woman becomes pregnant there are drastic changes in her hormone levels. These changes… More »

Diabetes Double Trouble

Diabetes is a real threat that demands attention day in and day out. I’m sure your familiar with some of the problems diabetes can cause. Spiked blood sugar, weight gain, and frequent infections are only a few of the conditions people with diabetes have. If you have diabetes, one of the most important maintenance practices… More »

Smoking Stinks

I was once informed that if I wait to change until I am ready, I’ll be waiting the rest of my life. Change is hard and change can be scary, but when you are changing to improve your life or to make yourself healthy, change is always good. No one can deny that smoking has… More »

Sugar Shockers

If you are anything like me, you probably don’t check every single nutritional label on the foods you eat. You buy what tastes good and don’t give much thought to the ingredients. Well my friend, I am here to tell you that you have been missing a lot of information that can help you keep… More »