What Do People Misunderstand about Dental Benefits?

Do you understand what a waiting period or an effective date means for your dental plan? Did you know you can avoid costly surprises by requesting a pre-treatment estimate? Taking the time to understand more about your dental plan can be beneficial. Here’s what you need to know. What is an effective date? The effective… More »

You offer dental benefits to help your employees enjoy good oral and overall health. But they are also a valuable differentiator in recruiting and retaining top talent in a tight labor market. Dental coverage offers flexible, affordable benefits that your employees want. In fact, 88 percent of employees say better health, dental and vision coverage… More »

Eighty-seven percent of Illinois adults say their oral health is very important to them 1 and more than two-thirds of employees consider dental benefits to be a very important part of an overall compensation package.2 Yet many small business owners do not offer dental benefits. That short-term decision can negatively affect both the small business… More »

Happy employees equal productive employees. It’s Employee Well-being Month, and the perfect time to explore ways to improve employee wellness at your company. Ask yourself, as an employer or a human resources professional, what you are doing to create a healthy environment for your employees, and in turn, a productive and positive workplace. When you… More »

If you have both medical and dental benefits, you may wonder why they work differently when it comes to payments and coverage. Although dental and medical benefits both help cover the costs of certain treatments, they actually serve different purposes. Why They’re Different Medical care usually focuses on reactive treatments for disease and illness, treating… More »

Health care costs are continuing to rise, making it important for a company to make the most efficient use of every dollar it invests in its employee benefits program. Group dental benefits continue to remain very affordable, therefore it’s imperative to make sure your employees know how to get the most value out of the… More »

The Illinois Health Insurance Marketplace opens for business in October. The implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in Illinois is wrought with complex issues and questions, and often no quick, easy or clear answers.